Looking for a wedding photographer can be so stressful! However, Ayhan was the absolute best that my husband and I could have picked! He is so professional, his prices could not be any better, and he takes time to get to know his clients so that your pictures are more than just wedding photos they are truly “you” themed! He is also incredibly friendly and if you have any special photo requests he is more than willing to help you achieve those photos! 11/10 for sure!

Kathleen H.review

Dear friends and family,

Step into the enchanting world of Kathleen and Dillon’s love story at Muhle Farms, where October 28th marked the beginning of their forever. Our gallery is a heartfelt tribute to the beautiful moments that unfolded on this autumn day, renowned for its vibrant fall colors.

Each photograph encapsulates the pure joy and genuine love shared between this wonderful couple amidst the backdrop of Muhle Farms’ autumnal charm. From the tender moments during the ceremony to the lively celebrations that followed, Kathleen and Dillon’s wedding was a true reflection of their unique journey.

We invite you to relive these cherished memories and share in the magic of their special day, surrounded by the rich and warm hues of the October foliage. Feel free to spread the love by sharing these moments on social media. Don’t forget to tag us using #FaceInLens — we’d love to be a part of your conversations and celebrations!

As you explore this gallery, may the images transport you back to the romance and bliss of Kathleen and Dillon’s autumn wedding day at Muhle Farms.

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