I could tell from the second I looked at Ayhan's work that his wedding photography was in a league of its own. The moments he captured, and the light he found to frame them, were nothing short of marvelous. Each photo told its own miniature story. So often I see wedding photos that condense the day into a single set of cheesy, clichéd photographs that all seem to have the same theme, but Ayhan's work is much more thoughtful than that. He managed to show what was unique about us, our family and friends, and our wedding. He even put in extra work at our photo booth, and was great working with guests! We so appreciated having him there and everything he did for us - he truly went above and beyond.

Gwen D.review

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    “Adam and Gwen are so happy about how their story together has evolved and will continue to do so. Many pass through heartbreak, which both parties have experienced and emerged all the more strongly from, but this one, to their surprise and delight, they’ve both agreed to continue until death does them part.”